A parody on public contests such as Miss/Mister World, this project was about the vision of the self and self-presentation of masculine figure within a public context, as seen by two female artists (it was performed in cooperation with my colleague Jadranka Ilic). It took place in two stages - one in Venice, during the days of the opening of the Venice Biennial of 2005 (the photographing of candidates and putting up posters and distributing postcards to invite voters to participate); and the other in Belgrade (the six-weeks voting period via the internet - there was an active web site where voters could look at the images of all the contestants and send their votes; and the presentation of the winner and handing of the award - a marzipan statuette in the shape of the winner).


The Mister Venice Biennale project presumed a great deal of interactivity and interconnectedness between the public (one of the major art festivals in public space) and the private (individuals in their desire to be shown and to win the competition). It also touched upon the aspects of male sexuality, narcissism and vanity, as well as their various forms of presentations.


Katarina Radovic