Do You Believe In True Love? was conducted during my artist-in-residence stay at Linea de Costa in Cádiz, Spain. Partly inspired by P. P. Pasolini's 1965 feature-length documentary film Comizi d'Amore (Love Meetings), this project consists of a series of photographs with random interviews with ordinary people in Cádiz on the subject of love and its numerous permutations.


Cádiz is reputed to be the oldest continuously inhabited city in Western Europe - a good starting point for my research. A port town in the southwest edge of Spain, on a peninsula surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, it welcomes new visions from all corners of the globe, but continues to be a place almost virginal in character and in a time of its own - a home of very pious Catholics, introvert fishermen, passionate flamenco musicians and benignly seductive policemen - all generally warm and good-humoured, willing to share their opinions on a set of random questions about seduction, fidelity, adultery and everything to do with the concepts of romantic end erotic relationships.


The interviewees were chosen on the basis of their character and their position in society and the focus was on those who supposedly know about life, because they mingle with a lot of people at their work: in local commerce, catering, public security, the port, the Church and the music scene.


Katarina Radovic