These photographs, with their disturbingly composed visual beauty, are a continuation of the reinvention of artifacts as instruments of love and sources of erotic pleasure. The photographed objects are placed in deceptively simple juxtapositions that subvert our expectations, in which case their characteristics and functions eventually become transformed. They act as a kind of visual play on words, and embody a continual search for meaning in an almost forensic process of investigation, wherein a number of strange associations capture the imagination.


Like fantasy still-lifes, these intriguing, seductive compositions satirize the notions of the desirable, creating the balance between what is expected, what is possible and what is appropriate. With reference to a number of psychological, moral and sexual ambiguities, and apart from fighting against established ideologies, this work ironically winks at fetishism, consumerism, fashion and advertising, making a statement about the collective folly of the contemporary world.


Katarina Radovic