Charles Baudelaire recognized, in the "barbaric simplicity" of toys, the enormous force of their approximation to the real. Playing with the idea of 'dislocated realities', in this series of photographs, I am exploring the general human need to create mirror images for everything, and the way in which our perception is controlled by such representations.


Toys are children's first initiation to the imaginary life, the world in which everything appears to be easy. They may arouse reverie but, at times, also the feeling of slight uneasiness; they may be seen as abbreviations, archetypes of the diversity of human culture. These toys connect reality to imagination and this series of images is at the boundary between the reality and fiction. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between the world of toys and, in this case, the real (human) environment - they merge to the extent in which the 'truth' becomes a little suspicious. However, in these harmonious and colourful photographs, everything seems glossy and surprisingly without signs of dilapidation. It is a 'happy world'.


Katarina Radovic