People reveal their longings and vulnerabilities at dance evenings - emotions that are hidden in everyday life.


Argentine tango is known as a synonym for passion, sensuality and, at times, sweet suffering. But, it can also turn into a social 'game', in which innumerable human needs mingle, and many intimate stories overlap. Milonga - an event where tango is danced as a social dance all over the world - is the most democratic of worlds: the young and the aged, the beautiful and the unbeautiful, the rich and the poor, the prominent and the obscure... professionals and amateurs... artists, intellectuals, drug dealers, loafers, manual workers... either alone, or in couples... seek and find their three-minute romances in the embraces of the known or the unknown. I was photographing tango dancers at milongas in Buenos Aires and Belgrade, in a variety of strong emotional states: rapture and joy, as well as melancholy and desolation.


Katarina Radovic