Katarina Radovic, 'Until Death Do Us Part', 2011

At KOWASA Library in Barcelona


'Until Death Do Us Part' is a two-year photographic project on weddings in Europe, with an accent on cross-cultural couples and certain cultural meanderings, the product of the constant shifts of borders, migrations, globalisation and acculturation. 


What we often find exotic far away, may in fact be what we hunger for in vain at home. If it is true that love is often the pursuit in the other of qualities we lack in ourselves, then it is no coincidence that many people choose partners from different cultures, thereby trying to weld themselves closer to values missing from their own cultures.

The project was fully supported by the European Cultural Foundation from Amsterdam.





EAN 9788691507909
Photographer Katarina Radovic
Edition Date 2011
Edition Place Belgrade
Size 28 x 24 cm
Pages 165
Publisher Katarina Radovic